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Romantic Images Disc Jockey Services

Romantic Images has a song library spanning 8 decades!

We provide an extensive library of over a million songs.
Please note: If the DJ does not copy music, no license is required. DJís that play music directly from CD's, tapes or vinyl made by a record company, or from music products leased from an AVLA licensed music supply service, do not need a license.
You do not need an AVLA DJ licence if: You are using the original LP's/cassettes/CDís you purchased in a record store. Thus Romantic Images did not require an AVLA license until 2018.
In 2018 Romantic Images went digital and is now FULLY LICENSED to LEGALLY play all music at any event

Most Requested List Styles of Music
ActionMacarena, Chicken Dance, etc.
Big BandBig Band, Swing, Jazz, etc.
Oldies50's, 60's, Motown, Crooners, etc.
WaltzWaltz (contemporary & country)
CountryOld & New
DiscoDisco & 70's Classics
DanceTop 40 Dance
Club DanceClub Dance, Trance
Hip HopHip Hop, Rap
LatinEnglish & Spanish Versions, Salsas, Tangos, etc.
CelticCeltic, Irish, Scottish, East Coast, etc.
RockRock, 70s, 80s, 90s to current, Classic & Alternative
LoveTop 40 Love Songs
ChristianContemporary Christian Dance
ChristmasChristmas Classics
DaddyDaddy Dances, Mom & Bridal Party Dances

We will play no music that is inappropriate for the type of event for which we are hired. This includes music that is violent, racist or contrary to acceptable standards of decency.