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Here are some of the Lyrics for Father/Daughter Dances:

Artist: Brendan Shine
Song: My Son

Son you were the sea of life in me
And now I canít believe the man I see
With pride I watch you grow up
You want it so much
To Change the world for me

My son
You gave my simple life itís key
Through you
I see God love a mystery
You build up my life
With your sweet music
Itís written in our song
This melody belongs
to you and me my son

Son I taught you everything I know
For soon
One day Iíll have to let you go
I would gladly die
If you saved you from the heartbreak
The fears and all the bad breaks
That tear your love apart

My son
You faced the truth and you stood tall
But now
We face the hardest truth of all
I must say goodbye
But you must go on living
And when my life is through
Iíll always be with you
My one and only son

I watch you now with pride
what more is there to life
Than you and I my son